Technical Committees

NFPA standards are developed by more than 260 Technical Committees comprised exclusively of volunteers for use throughout the world.

There are over 9,000 volunteers on our technical committees.

A Technical Committee serves as the consensus body responsible for developing and updating an NFPA standard. Technical Committees are appointed by the Standards Council, represent a balance of interests, and appointment is based upon factors including technical expertise, professional standing, commitment to public safety, and the ability to bring to the point of view of interested people or groups. Our consensus-based approach ensures that all stakeholders – including users, manufacturers, insurance providers, consumers, government regulatory agencies, enforcers, independent experts and academics – can participate and that no special interest can predominate with no more than one-third of the Committee being of the same interest category.

NFPA Committee Materials

The Technical Committee must provide a response for each comment, which may come in the form of a revision (change to the requirements) or an explanation for why the standard was not revised. In addition, NFPA committee materials are available on NFPA’s website.

NFPA also does not have the authority to require the use of its standards for any reason. Government jurisdictions, agencies, and private parties use NFPA and other consensus standards to set minimum levels of safety, to establish product performance criteria, etc.